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The GTM Scanner

December 21, 2018

Store, Outlet, Restaurant, District

Success is not just who you are, but where you are.
Where will you be placing your next development or product?

What is GTM Scanner

  • It rightly identifies your exact location
  • To know where your customers are…
  • To know where your competitors are…
  • To know where your products are…
  • So that you can literally position yourself for success.

GPC’s GTM Scanner

  • The Digital Overlay of Wide & Varied Population Characteristics.
  • Digital maps are plotted with population characteristics such as wealth (down to Ward level) or even plotting where street hawkers/restaurants/hotels, coffee chains are selling certain products.
  • In simple terms though our services cluster into two main areas.
      1. Standardised: Providing our customers with databases of population sizes and characteristics so that they can map out the best positioning of their new restaurants, store, property, school or other such physical presence.
      2. Customised: Actively gathering specific geographically based data to the specifications of our clients.
        For example; Identifying and plotting all stores that sell a specific product category to support the client’s need to improve its sales and distribution activity, measuring traffic-counts of certain roads to support a client’s need to position communications in high-traffic areas or combination of multitude purposes.

City, district, and ward-level data-overlays…

  • The profusion of developments in key cities location becomes increasingly important. Who is in the catchment area? Which districts (D1/D2/D3/D4…) or ward is most suitable to place the development in?
  • Additional combination of population data (size, gender, & age, etc) with other key Topographic, demographic data.
  • GPC Vietnam can offer you map overlays to help you decide on the best positioning of your development.

Plotting the Competitive Outlet…

  • Using GPS and mobile data-collection, we are able to plot where your restaurants/stores are or could be along with your competitors are – or indeed any other features relevant for your business, e.g. Office, Govt. Office, Factories, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, etc. that could have concentrations of your targeted customer base.
  • This can help the positioning of businesses or on sales, distribution, and trade efforts to maximise penetration in key areas.
  • Once you are in market, it is possible to map out your position geographically so that it becomes easier to see where you are winning or not and can take direct action to target certain areas.

All these elements can be brought together to plot an effective strategy…

Maximises Your Opportunity

Go-To- Market Scanner Maps the Growth & Plot Your Success

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