"Helping The Companies Maximise Opportunities”
By leveraging insights based on analysing & predicting consumer behaviour


Touchpoint Effectiveness Audit (*TEA)

The spends are getting optimised, touchpoints are not neutral, there is no common currency to measure all the touchpoints. The media behaviour is changing, which ones favours’ share for my brand vs. competition?

  • How do we set budgets and measure performance?
  • Where are the immediate opportunities to find growth, and how?
  • Can we identify areas of wastage and indicate strategies to improve performance? How to optimise spends?
  • What should our digital strategy be versus others? How do we maximise the value of Sponsorships?
  • How to reach specific customers groups?

Focus on …

  • The suggestive touchpoints that can be leveraged to increase your market share.
  • Output measure of brand activities across all forms and types of activities / media / contacts.
  • Reported in single currency for each touchpoint(s).
Touchpoint Effectiveness Audit