"Helping The Companies Maximise Opportunities”
By leveraging insights based on analysing & predicting consumer behaviour


The Marketing Analytics

How is your digital experience? What they typically like & dislike about digital interface? Do we have deep understanding of customer exploration and easy of finding the relevant information?

Predictive Modelling for Customer Behaviour

  • The most valuable to marketing - Cluster models (segments), Propensity models (predictions), Collaborative filtering (recommendations).

Qualify and Prioritize Leads

  • The marketing in action – Predictive scoring, Identification model, Automated segmentation.

Bringing Right Product / Services to Market

  • Data visualization is a valuable tool that not only appeals to the eye, but can be used to inform, inspire and guide actions based on customer behaviour.

Targeting the Right Customers at Right Time with Right Content

  • Targeting the right customers at the right moment with the best offer links back to customer segmentation. This may be the most common marketing application for predictive analytics because its one of the “simplest” and most direct ways to optimize a marketing offer and see a quick turnaround on better ROI.

Driving Marketing Strategies Based on Predictive Analytics Insights

  • Accessing internal structured data.
  • Accessing social media (Google, Facebook) data.
  • Applying behaviour scoring to customer data.
  • Build on Retail analytics.
The Marketing Analytics