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By leveraging insights based on analysing & predicting consumer behaviour


Price & Product Optimizer (PPO)

What is the optimal price architecture for your brand and product portfolio? How much can you ask for your product to encourage consistent preference? At which price points your product launched & features received?

  • GPC helps you in reaching the market by defining the price that customers are willing to pay for your brand, product or service. We gauges the effect to different price points for you take an informed decision about your product launch & re-launch in the market. Tests the different promotions & pricing strategy that can support your business objectives
  • Advises the best price strategy on launching a new product, re launching and re-positioning your products vs. competitive landscape.
  • A unique simulator build on advanced statistical analysis to create futuristic marketing scenarios and price based preference share is in the heart of our solution.

Focus on …

  • Portfolio management.
  • New product development & launch optimization.
  • Long term & short term promotional offer effectiveness.
  • Channel based pricing & competitive response.
  • Optimal price for volume & revenue gain.
Price & Product Optimizer