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By leveraging insights based on analysing & predicting consumer behaviour


Brand Performance Delivery

Brand delivers some key promises, does it have its own characteristics that stand out in the market? What are those for that always stand & remembered? How its different to others? How it relates with the market share?

  • Do you aim to drive motivation to purchase through wording and visuals? Are you looking to trigger trial usage of a new product or brand? Is there a need to create an emotional connection to succeed in the market?
  • We provide a longitudinal view towards brand by identifying its performance coupled with its brand proposition to succeed in market in terms of Basics, Desirables and Superior Approach. The Price & Sales execution adds to its market performance.
  • Our BVI solutions allows you to derive the Brand Value & Character to derive causation effect towards Market Share.

Focus on …

  • Manufacturers are provided with the knowledge of where to start working on their brand’s image through information on the elements which make up the specific customer group’s perception of brand character and price.
  • The BVI report shows that a strong positive relationship exists between the measured Brand Value and market share growth / decline
Brand Value Index (BVIs) Relates with the Market Share
Brand Value Index (BVIs) Relates with the Market Share